howI make the audio/ title/overlay move when importing new video c



Hi, I've got 1 hour of video, video audio, audio/music & title/overlay.

Now i want to put say 5 mins of a new video clip in the middle.

It works, pushing all the video behind it, which is great.

But it doesn't move the audio/music & title/overlay along with it, leaving
it where the new video clip is, which is bloody annoying!!
Is there a simple way when putting in new video it moves ALL the timelines
along??? Any help would be seriously appreiciated!! Thanks, Big al...


The short answer is no. Unfortunately there is no way to tie or group them
This is why it works best to organize all of your clips before putting your
music and titles/transitions in place and organizing your timing.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Although you can't link them all to automatically move with a certain clip,
you can select all the audio and text clips that are after the new video
clip you insert and move them as a batch, maintaining their relative

Use standard Windows features... select the first clip with a mouse click,
hold down the shift key and then select the last clip... it'll result in
them all being selected and the dragging you do will be all of them with the
same spacing between.

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