How to use recovery console to copy files?




Short version:

How do I load the "Security Configuration and Analysis
snap-in" in the recovery console so that I can use SET to
set AllowAllPaths to TRUE and allow me to copy files?

Detailed version:

I'm attempting to salvage files from a logical drive
containing a wrecked copy of Windows 2000. Safe mode's a
no go since it dumps memory and reboots every time. So
I've booted from my 4 Win2k floppies and start the
recovery console.

The problem is that the recovery console does not allow me
to copy files from the C drive to the F drive (another
physical drive on the same machine). It gives me an access
denied message.

So far I've tried the ATTRIB command that doesn't seem to
give write permissions, and the SET command which doesn't
let me actually set anything. HELP SET does refer to a
setting AllowAllPaths which it claims will let me write to
the drives. However it says it needs the "Security
Configuration and Analysis snap-in". I have no idea how to
start this snap-in.





Thanx, Mark. That worked fine.

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Swade wrote in news:027b01c36f43$fb4aa150 [email protected]:

If the installation is not bootable, it will be a problem. You cannot
run that or the Group Policy editor from the RC.

I suggest installing the subject drive as a second drive ("slave")
on another working W2K system in order to copy off the files. This
is the easiest solution if it is possible there.

If you can boot the drive run gpedit.msc and
Computer Config./Windows Settings/Security
Settings/Local Policies/Security Options/

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