How to turn off the Auto Preview Feature in Outlook XP


Manfred Lenke

Hello ... we are using Outlook XP / 2002 with SP3 and have
the following problem. Although in the View Menu we have
turned off AutoPreview of Messages, every new, unread
messages keep coming in with AutoPreview. Also even for
read messages, once the user changes to a different folder
and then return to the inbox, all messages are switched
back to AutoPreview.

Is there a way to really turn this feature off ?

Thanks for a hint.

Manfred Lenke






I tried this registry edit change and it did not work. The auto preview is
still "permanent".

In addition to thie auto preview turning itself on each time that I open
outlook, Each time I forward or reply to a message a dialog box appears that
says another program is truing to acces my email addresses.

Please help

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