How to transpose a list of reference cells without changing the li



There is a list of number under column A, and there is another list of number
under column B, which is refered to the value in column A, such as
3 [A1] =A1 [B1]
6 [A2] =A2 [B2]
4 [A3] =A3 [B3]
8 [A9] =A9 [B9]
I would like to transpose column B startig from cell C1 without changing the
=A1 [C1]
=A2 [D1]
=A3 [E1]
=A9 [K1]
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do it?
Thank in advance for any suggestions

T. Valko

Enter this formula in C1 and copy across to K1:



David Biddulph

Why not use the TRANSPOSE function? Help will tell you how. Remember that
it's an array formula, so you apply it with Control-Shift-Enter.

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