How to test file-filter-driver in Driver Test Manager(DTM)?


Cui Wei


Can anyone tell me my issue?
For our product running well under Vista x64,
We want to konw how to test anti-virus/file system filter driver in
Driver Test Manager(DTM).
please tell us the test procedures concreted about it!

Thank you!

Chad Harris

I'm not sure but would Driver Verifier help you do this any? Do you mean
DVM (Driver Verifier Manager)?It's reached by typing verifier into the run

I work with it to prevent blue screen stop errors in XP and Vista and I
don't think MSFT has recognized this well yet. Here's a summary and a
downloadable doc on it.

Driver Verifier Doc Download Updatd 10/26/06

New Driver Verifier feature for Vista: runtime checking for remove locks on
fre OS builds from A Hole in My Head

Kernel Mustard: Vista Driver Verifier Enhancements

Good luck,


Cui Wei

Thank your for your helping. but I need to test my driver in (DTM)
and after finished all test , the file filter driver will pass WHQL and
get Windows Vista Logo.
now I don't know how to tell it in DTM.
Do you know it?

Colin Barnhorst

What have you found on TechNet? Most of the info I have seen on driver
testing has been on TechNet and MSDN.

Cui Wei

Is It is true? Could you give me a like about file filter driver
test in TechNet ? .And how can I get TechNet support?
Thank you.

Chad Harris

You're right and I was sure mistaken confusing DV and DTM. But you get
help here:


DTM Testing Overview

Blogging about developing, testing and getting a logo for your drivers
using the Windows Driver Kit and the Driver Test Manager

Search on MSDN for DTM Sites:

Also there is a support alias for help and it's (e-mail address removed)
They should be able to steer you to other sources of help.

Best of luck,


Cui Wei

Thank you for your zealously helping me to search form information I

I had read nformation you mentioned.

Thanks again! You are good men.

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