how to stop resizing of font in a resized chart



when copying chart from Excel 2007 and pasting to Word 2007, and then
resizing upward that chart, the text in the chart grows disproportionately
large and makes the chart unusable (for me). What to do? Where is autoscale?





When copying into WORD try the following (if you have not done this already):-

Edit / Paste Special / make sure Paste is selected / select Microsoft Office
Excel Chart Object / OK

Chart is now placed into WORD doc.

If you now single left hand click anywhere in the chart it will place a
double border around it.

On the top double line single left hand click the black square in the middle
(the second one in from the right hand side; the second of three) and,
keeping your mouse button depressed, enlarge the chart upwards (say by 2

Print Preview shows that text in chart still looks OK (it does not grow

Hope this resolves your problem.

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