how to show data only from selected combo boxes ?

Oct 6, 2012
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I've created a form where I've used 5 combo boxes all are working fine & i'm getting all information.
Following are the combo boxes:
City - School - Class - Gender - Grade
--All - --All - --All - --All - --All
--city1 - --school1 - --class1 - --Male - --A+
--city2 - --school2 - --class2 - --Female - --A

See, I've combo for city where I've 'All, city1 & city2' in drop down & same for others.
I want the following result:
If I select city1 from City & All from Gender, it should show only the data according to the selected combo boxes. But, here I'm getting the related information but all other columns are showing but with no data. So, what should I do to only show relevant columns in output not all columns with no data in it.
Really need help?
Waiting for a solution....!!!


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