How to setup autoconnection between matching cells in 2 dif WSs



Is there a way you can have two columns of data on two different worksheets
find each others matching value, then have them become hyperlinks, in the

Say you have Page001 WS, column A has value 10, and Page002 WS, column A has
a value in the column somewhere as well; can you have them find each other
become linkable then while saying you do a Ctrl F for 10 in Column A you can
click on the value 10 and it will take you to value 10 in Column A of Page002
WS and if you click it again it will take you back to Page001 WS column A
value 10 again? Is there anyway to automate this procedure?

Thanks for your time.


Assuming your numbers are in column A on both sheets in any order, put
this formula in B1 of Page001:


and this one in B1 of Page002:


Then copy both formulae down. The will put the word "jump" next to
each number, and if you click this cell it will take you to the
corresponding cell in column A of the other sheet. Click on "jump" in
that sheet and it will take you back to the previous sheet.

(I seem to have answered a lot of questions about hyperlinks in the
last couple of days).

Hope this helps.


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