How to set LPT1 to Default printer?



Ok, so I have a DOS app that's hard coded to print to LPT1. How do I set
(preferably with the absolute minimal amount of coding) LPT1 to = Default
printer. It may be IP printer, or IPX printer. I've seen some posts
indicating parsing a reg entry, but I've looked at my entry on my comptur,
which ties to a network printer, however in the Device reg key entry, it
doesn't show an IP address, but rather just my friendly name.

So - how do I set LPT1 to equal a default printer - or at the very least,
something that Windows will understand what to print to if an app prints to


Austin M. Horst

Redirect print output for the LPT1 port to "PrinterName"
on print server "ServerName":

net use LPT1: \\ServerName\PrinterName

Displays information about the LPT1 port:

net use LPT1:

Austin M. Horst


Correct. The problem is - I don't know on any given workstation what the
default printer actually is. Meaning, I need a scripted method to gather
the name\queue that is readable to put back into the NET USE command.

Any thoughts?

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