How to See Revision History in Word 2007?

Hello, how is it that you view the revision history for a document in Word
2007 (or any Office 2007 product for that matter)? Let's say I make a
document, do some work on it and save it. I keep working on it for a few more
days but I decide I would like to see what I had originally written in it the
first time I saved it, how do I do that? In Google Docs you go to File->See
Revision History and you can recall any version of the file ever saved, but I
can't seem to find the same functionality in Word 2007. The Track Changes
feature seems to be completely unrelated for what it's worth.



Doug Robbins - Word MVP

See the article "How to save a document using a filename that gets
incremented by 1 each time if the filename already exists†at:

Then use the Compare feature on the Review tab of the ribbon to see the
difference between any two revisions of the document.
Hope this helps.

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Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via
Hey Doug, thanks for the tip. Not exactly what I was looking for but close
enough I suppose. Would still be nicer if the revisions could be self
contained, seems a bit surprising a program of Word's caliber doesn't have it
(at least considering 'inferior' products like Google Docs have it) But



Yves Dhondt

I could be wrong, but isn't the Google Doc feature just the storing of every
save you make on some Google server? In that case, you just have a bunch of
separate files and the revision option is not part of the program but rather
of the operating system. Microsoft Windows provides this exact same service
through the shadow copy functionality if you have activated it


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