How to see appointments more than 6 months old

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How to see appointments more than 6 months old?
I can only see appointments in calendar that go back for
6 months. Before that period no appointments are vissible
on days I'm sure I had appointments.
Can anyone help?

Robert Crayk Outlook MVP

They may have been archived off, go to File > Open > either Outlook Data
file pr Personal Folder File > do you see an Archive file name

Robert Crayk Outlook MVP

Hmm I am surprised that they aren't in the Archive (unless you're Archive
setting is to delete rather than move), the only other thing I can think off
is that you may have a "filter" on the View. Have you changed the view
No the apointments aren't archived in a personel folder.
Any other suggestions?


I'm having the same problem. I thought I somewhere in the
Outlook manual there was a something about a limit of 6
months for archiving. Is that true?

Robert Crayk Outlook MVP



They may have been archived and deleted..

(Outlook 2000
Right click the Calendar and choose Propertie
Go to the AutoArchive Ta
See what settings you have on that screen

If they are being archived to a file, it hsould tlel you the file. If being archived and deleted, it should tell you that too

Not sure what everything looks like in Office 2k2 or 2k3 but I'm sure you can probably find it

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