How to save Front Page photo gallery?



I made a page with FrontPage 2002 and then put a photo gallery on the page
and the program won't allow me to save the gallery and page to my computer
and instructs me to open a web site and save the page and gallery to a web
site. I want to save it to my computer. I know this can be done because I
used to do it all the time. Thanks!



Thomas A. Rowe

You must first open a web File Menu | Open Web, then create your Photo Gallery.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, WebCircle, MS KB Quick Links, etc.




Open FP,
File | New / Page or Web
Create an new empty Web (not just a page)
Then create a page within the web to put your gallery in/on

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