How to save a Word Document as a WordPerfect Document



Some people in my office still use WordPerfect and refuse
to change over to Word. I know you can save a
WordPerfect document as a Word doc, but can you do the
reverse -- i.e., save a Word document in WordPerfect

Thank you,



Yes you can, but version options vary. You may also not get the results you
expect depending on the complexity of formatting as well as certain other

Use the File Type list at the bottom of the Save As dialog box to choose the
WP version you want to use. You may also benefit from reviewing Word's Help
file re compatibility issues.

HTH |:>)


I realize you can do that, but the only versions of
WordPerfect offered in the File Type list are too
antiquated to work with "newer" (i.e., post 1997 or so)
versions of WordPerfect.

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