How to reverse an Excel formula?




I'm hoping somebody can help me with a little problem.

The scenario is this:

I'm playing an online game in which players are able to scout villages
for resources, troops, etc. However, if the opposing player has x
number of scouts present in their village, then y number of my scouts
will be destroyed and the scouting attempt is detected. Attacking
scouts have attack values (35 each) and defending scouts have defense
values (20 each).

For example:

Is send 10 scouts (10 * 35 = 350), and in the defending village there
are 2 scouts (2 * 20 = 40), so by using the formula ROUND(40*(40/350)
^1.5,0), I can see that I will lose two scouts. By sending 22 scouts
would mean that all would survive and the scouting would be

How can I 'reverse' this formula, so that by inputting a given number
of defending scouts, I will never have any losses?

I'm stumped!

Any help would be much appreciated.





Many thanks for the speedy reply - and a double thank you for the
excellent formula.

Thanks again


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