How to Restore Backups



I made a backup of a system prior to converting the disk from FAT32, to NTFS
under XP SP2. I'm a little unclear now, if I blow away everything on this
system, re-partition and format the hard drive, how will I connect to the

When I made the backup, I used a tape drive on another computer. I shared
the entire C: drive of the computer to be saved, giving the Everyone group
full control, and mapped the share as a drive on the tape machine. Then I
told Backup on the tape computer to backup (and verify) that entire mapped
drive. This did save everything on the first computer, right?

So how will I re-connect to the tape computer once everything's blown away.
Do I make some kind of bootable floppy or something that will let the tape
computer map the drive again for a Restore? I can't just re-install Windows,
since I only have an Upgrade CD, not the full version, and upgrade won't run
without a Windows OS already present.

Other question, since the backup was made while the first computer was still
FAT32, do I have to format the new partition as FAT32, or can I use NTFS and
save the later conversion step?


Whether the backup was an Image backup that would enable a full system
restore or simply a file backup might depend on the backup app you used, and
or the options selected for the process.
For a full system image backup that you can restore to a 'blank' PC a
dedicated Imaging App is better, eg TrueImage or Ghost etc
TrueImage, which I use, can restore an Image using the bootable TrueImage cd
It doesnt make any difference with FAT / NTFS

Presumably you are replacing the hd?


Actually no, I was planning to wipe out the disk because there are weird
problems and I was thinking of restoring from a time before they occurred.
Isn't there a way within Windows itself for doing this? BTW, I realize that
I should have simply used the C$ adminstrative share. Sharing the C: drive
myself with a new share name didn't back up the hidden system files, did it?
Either way, I'd still like to know how to do a restore, since 3 machines
depend on this one tape drive.



System Restore is I assume not an option?

I believe the method of restoring a 'complete system' from an external Tape
Backup is dependent on the backup software used.


Thinking it out, if I did have a good, verified and complete backup of the C$
share on a remote tape drive, I could re-partition, format, and install XP.
My concern was that I only have the Upgrade CD, which needs to detect the
prior prescence of an OS. Fortunately, I later realize that two of my
Microsoft certification textbooks provided a 120-day evaluation versions of
XP Pro SP2. I am assume I could use that, the time limiting code will get
overwritten by the restored files. I hope.

Or maybe I could put the 120 day OS on a small partition of its own near the
top of the available space. say 1GB out of the available 20GB. After
everything's back safe and sound, I could leave well enough alone, or use
Partition Magic to reclaim that extra GB.

Can I use the Recovery Console on the CD to do this?

Any comments?


Its not neccessary to install the earlier version, you just need the cd to
point to when the upgrade complains that it cannot find a qualifying version

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