How to resize a Word 2007 template



My co-worker downloaded a Word 2007 party invitation template. The template
is 8.5x11, but she would like to reduce it to A5 size. When she changes the
paper size, the image size does not change so she just gets a portion of the

When I looked at the document, I found that the frame for the invitation was
not a single image, but was actually made up of about 8-10 separate images
that would have to be re-sized independently. I couldn't find a way to select
all the images and resize them together. Attempting to resize them
individually just created a mess.

Is there an easy way for her to resize the template so she can print it on
A5 (or any other size) paper? I almost never use images in Word, so I didn't
know what to tell her.

Peter T. Daniels

One possibility is to make them A4, and print them two-copies-per-page
(in the "Which pages?" box, type 1,1), and cut them.

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