How to Remote control XP Corp PC's through Linksys router



I have been able to successfully install the Remote
Desktop client on each XP Corporate Edition PC. Each PC
is able to be remotely controlled within the LAN. When
any of these PC's are tried to be located from another
facility, the connect fails; Computer not found.

I have 3 geographic locations each with a LAN sharing
internet connections through Linksys routers.

Each of the locations is able to find any requested PC
and control that PC. I have been unable to Remote
control any PC from outside the local LAN.

I have tried forwarding ALL requests to a specific PC
internal IP., ie 192.168.x.x still to no avail

Can someone direct me to a thorough Microsoft Knowledge
Base Article relating specifically to getting the
communications through the router or maybe have the

Thanks In Advance,




Charles May

You will need to forward port 3389 to one of your internal ip addresses.




Sooner Al

Here is a small page that illustrates access to multiple RD sessions through a Linksys BEFSR41
router or the XP ICF. Modify as needed for your particular router...

You can also setup a VPN tunnel and access any PC through one port...

Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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