How to remote access my home computer?



Hi guys,

I want to access my home computer via the internet when I work in my office.
My home computer is behind a router. I enable the virtual server function of
the router. How can I do next? I had installed the VNC/Netmeeting/Dameware in
my computer. I knew the cable connection's static IP address and my home
computer's virtual ip address.

Thank you


Did you enable remote desktop on your home computer? Right click on "my
computer" and properties. Select the remote tab and check "Allow users to
connect remotely to this computer. Select Remote Users button and then enter
the users you want to have access.

You will also need to enable remote desktop on your firewall. Right Click
"My network places", click on the "Change Windows Firewall Settings" in the
menu...exceptions tab, and check "Remote Desktop" will probably want
to chage the scope on this as well only to allow it from your work computer.

Hope this helps,
Jason Ryon

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