How to reinstall Windows



In trying to resolve some problems I was having with IE, I
have caused even more system issues whose nature I cannot
figure out (strange messages from the "cmanager"). While
a quick re-install (i.e. an upgrade) was able to cure most
of them, there are some more troublesome ones hanging
around. As a result, I would like to do a full reinstall
of XP and a complete reinstall of my other programs.
Unfortunately when I try this, I only get a warning from
the set-up program saying that it is dangerous to install
*another* session of windows simulataneous with the
other. This seemed like a bad idea, so I didn't. The
only other options was to delete the partition, but I
don't know if that would solve the problem.

Any thoughts?




Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Yes you wanted to delete the partition to perform a truly Clean
Disconnect all peripherals (camera, printer, scanner, etc)
Go to BIOS and set CDROM as boot device before hard drive.
Insert Windows XP CD and reboot.
At "Press any key to boot to CDROM" quickly press a key and follow the
prompts for a Clean installation:
Delete all partitions in step 5 if you desire to erase all data on the
hard drive.
Partitioning and formatting will be done automatically.
All data will be destroyed, back-up important data first.

After you are finished, you will need to load the appropriate drivers.

If your computer was shipped with Windows XP, these procedures may or
may not apply.
Check your manual or contact the computer manufacturer for more

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