How to record PPT to Video

Jan 19, 2010
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This tutorial guides you through how to convert your Powerpoint presentations to a video file. Such as AVI, SWF, WMV,flv etc.

It does good for:

* Showing presentations without lots of annoying proceduces of powerpoint
* Distributing your slideshows comfortably and freely to friends
* Converting your powerpoint presentation to video file e.g.AVI, SWF, WMV,flv
* Converting your powerpoint presentation to streaming movie clip to upload to Internet such as Youtube

Note: The possibilities are endless. PowerPoint files converted to video using this technique also preserve all the voice narrations.


A video file helps to show your presentation automatically instead of powerpoint with intervention and click.It’s easier for others to enjoy your presentation.And this tutorial will tell you how to convert your powerpoint presentations to a video file in two easy steps.

Step 1 : Download Screen Recorder and Setting for Total Screen Recorder

1. Open your Total Screen Recorder,press the button View,and then Options please.After you move into Options,you will see three main bodies-Recorder,Encoder and More on the top.Here we go.

Recorder — There are three main parts in Recorder,Record Option,Region to capture and Record hotkey.

In Record Option,Region to capture,do it with your own requirement.(options are available for you to choose,e.g. if your want full screen recording,just click the full screen).In Record Hotkey,set your favourite key for start/stop and pause /resume.One more thing is that prepare a output folder for auto save recordings.

Encoder—It’s important here.You have to decide output type here,AVI,WMV,SWF,and FLV.

And video compressor and audio compressor are waiting for you,please do not forget to make your choices for them.(options are available for you).

The following one would be Playback rates(Frames per second),by which you can have a high quality video or a low quality video.

More—Set the Sneak mode and computer usage log if needed.

Press OK after they are done.

2. Press Audio Mono Mix to decide what kind of input you need.

Now settings are done,then we move on to step 2.

Step 2 : Get Started to Capure the Slideshow

Press the red button to start Total Screen Recorder.And then start the slideshow.Please undergo it in moderate speed(It is under recording,and if you want to add voice tutorial,please do not feel shy and start making your speech enthusiastically when the slideshow recording got started.).After the slideshow and your speech are over,this video is done!It’s easy,isn’t it?

If you want to download and have a try, click the link below:



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