How to re-establish favorites


Jim Worlein

Win 98SE, IE 6.0.2800.1106
Somehow, some way, my daughter lost all of her favorites. How can she get
them back?
I did a search for "Favorites" folders, and found several, so they weren't
completely deleted (apparently), just removed from IE. The most promising of
the folders looks to be C\Windows\Favorites. But there are others, like
C/windows/apllication data/earthlink.
How do I install/import those favorites back into IE? Thanks.

Alan Edwards

You set Favorites back to the set you want before Earthlink corrupted
it. I use the standard C:\Windows\Favorites.

You can change the value of Favorites in the Registry in these
two keys: (ignore the second if the value is not there)


Shell Folders

If you want any favorites from the other folders, then just drag the
individual favorites files to the folder you have decided upon.


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