How to purchase Access 2003 runtime



Can anyone suggest the best "bang for the buck" purchase option for the
Access 2003 runtime? For example an MSDN subscription? Maybe as part of a
Visual Studio edition?

I see lots of references to how they used to sell it when Office 2003 was
the currently shipping version of Office, but I'm not clear on what the
options are now.


BTW, I know the 2007 runtime is free to download but a reasonable/fair
analysis of man-hours to make your broken 2003 application work again with
2007 might reveal a 'free' product that's actually very expensive indeed.

Douglas J. Steele

The Access 2003 runtime is part of Visual Studio Tools For Office 2003 and
2005, both of which are still available through MSDN. I'm not sure whether
you can purchase either of those through retail anymore now that Visual
Studio 2008 is out, so MSDN may be your only hope.

Larry Linson

If I understand correctly, the Access 2007 runtime will run an Access 2003
database and the Access 2007 runtime is freely downloadable -- there's a lot
of information on runtime at MVP Tony Toews' site,

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP

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