How to publish an existing contact form which I edited into a new


Wouter WES

I worked for days to create a form; however, I might have started incorrectly.
What I did was:

1 – I edited the existing contact form (I spent hours and hours doing so)
and then I saved this form.
2 – This is now “living†in as a contact in the contact folder (I created a
new contact folder called “Patientsâ€)
3 – All the info in the fields are left blank.
4 – Now I must be able to publish this form and make this form the standard
document form for my practise (patient contact) isn’t it? Or do I have to
start all over again... I hope not :(
5 – If I the above is correct and I am still able to use this "blanc contact
for", how do I publish this form so that this form becomes the standard form
every time I have a new patient contact?
6 – Would you please be so kind to inform me the step by step procedure to
make this form available as the standard form (I am using a one single

Sorry for my English writing as I am Dutch living in France. Also all the
procedures writting I found so difficult to understand. Thas why I ask you
kindly to help me out with the most simple procedure in how to publish a

Thank you for your help.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

After you design a form, while still in design mode, publish it with the
Tools | Forms | Publish Form command. If you saved the form as an Outlook
item rather than publishing it or making a backup copy as an .oft file, you
should still be able to publish by opening that item and using the same

See for information on making
it the default form.

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