how to program a scoreboard of sorts using powerpoint, ala "weakest link" game show


Derek S

so im trying to figure out how to program in powerpoint using VBA a
way to keep score based off which slide i choose to go to...for
example, "a weakest link" game board when I can "bank" the scores and
display the score. so the immediate score would reflect three buttons:
correct, incorrect, bank
correct would continue the movement up the point ladder (10, 20, 50,
100,..1000) while incorrect would return to 0. these elements can be
taken care of through slides in powerpoint, but banking the score into
your total is the tricky part as i want to bank say 500 to be
displayed along side the ladder as I continue to play and banking
again, thus keeping tally..

i have no idea where to go with would be dandy. let me
know if you need better explanation.


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