How to pause code in procedure when opening new form

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A.J.M. van Rijthoven

I made a login form.
You can enter username, password and a new password on this form.
When data is entered in the 'new password' textbox, a new form opens.
On this new form (re-enter password), the new password has to be
entered again to dubbelcheck the input. When this new form is opened,
I want to stop the procedure on the login form. When the password is
entered correctly in the re-enter password form, the new password has
to be stored, the form (re-enter password) has to be closed and the
rest of the procedure on the login form may execute.
How do I manage to pause the procedure on the login form while the
second form is open and restart the procedure where it stoppend when
the new form opened or is there another solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance,




Open the second form as dialog, the code will continue only after you'll
close form 2

DoCmd.OpenForm "FormName", , , , , acDialog


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