How to open a Sql Server CE database from a PC?




I would know if is possible to open a SQL Server CE database with an
application running on a PC in one of the following ways:

1) The database is phisically on a Windows CE based device and the PC
application open the database as a client (the server is the Windows
CE based device)

2) The database file (the .sdf file) is copied on the PC and the
application (running on the PC) open 'directly' the database, via ODBC
or in any other way

Thanks in advance

Lloyd Dupont

actually I have the same interest.

I DON'T want to utilise active sync

I DO want to use SqlServerCE on the desktop, from a desktop application
(isn't that so much faster ? :)

Alternatively I'm interested in any (fast even if simple) DB (with an
ADO.NET provider) which could run on both the desktop and the PPC

I'm designing an application which host its data in SqlServerCE database (or
an other DB engine if suggested so). I want to edit / create / modify the
datafile on the desktop and distribute many copy of it on clients. I don't
want to 'sync' I just want to overwrite the file.
I don't see while I should work with the SqlServerCE on the PPC while it
would be so much faster to do all my work on the desktop and copy the file
at the end !

Any tip ?


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