How to move,cut & paste horizontal graphical lines too ?


Goran Ivanic

Ok, assume I have a opened a big document in Word 2003.

In this document there are paragraphes which are enclosed with
horizontal graphical lines (= not only "------" lines).

Now I want to cut one of these text blocks INCLUDING the lines before
and after and paste it on another place in the document.

Much to my surprise the "normal" cut operation does NOT recognize graphical
elements. Only text is cut. The lines around remain at the old place
no matter where I place the cursor or which region I mark.

It seems to me that the graphical lines live on another layer which
is not seen by the "cut" command. How can I tell Word
to cut (and paste) them as well?
Is there a "cut all layers" command ?

Similarly when I insert new blank lines BEFORE the text then the text
is shifted down but the horizontal graphical lines remain at the old
positions. How can I tell Word to shift/scroll them down as well
when I enter new text/new lines (just) before it ?

In other words: Graphic should be treated as normal content
when applying cut, paste and move operations.

Whats the trick ?


Stefan Blom

A graphic (or any object in the drawing layer) will follow if you copy the
paragraph containing its anchor (see A different approach is to
just select the graphic and cut it; then paste into the desired location.

Note that the easiest way, by far, is to make use of paragraph borders,
which are text formatting. Look in the Borders tab of the Borders and Shading
dialog box (Format | Borders and Shading).

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