How to migrate to Active Directory?




I currently have 4 servers as follows:

1 NT 4 - Primary domain controller
1 NT 4 - Backup domain controller
1 Windows 2000
1 NT 4 - Standalone

I want to add active directory to the windows 2000 server, and phase out the
2 nt4 domain controllers. Could someone advise the best approach to this?

How will my workstations be affected (if at all)?

Thanks in advance,



Paul McGuire

You will need to upgrade the NT4 PDC to w2k. This will migrate the domain
to AD. Then you can promote the windows 2000 server to a DC and if you
would like upgrade the BDC also. I would reccommend keeping atleast 2 DC on
the network.


Paul McGuire



Shawn Rabourn \(MS\)

He can either do that, or he can pull the Windows 2000 server and put it in
its own domain and set up a trust between the Windows 2000 domain and the NT
4.0 domain and use the ADMT tool to migrate users and computers.

260871 HOW TO: Set Up ADMT for Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Migration
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