How to merge Outlook profiles without losing data?




We have to configure Outlook 2000/XP profiles on a few thousand
workstations using the standard tools available, logon scripts, SMS
and GPO.

There will be 3 possible profile configurations:
1) Outlook has never been run and no profile exists;
2) Outlook has been run and used locally in "standalone" mode by the
user for personal use;
3) Outlook has been used against an Exchange 5.5 server in another
Exchange Organisation, but only to provide a shared calendar and
access to public folders (the server data will be migrated separately
to an E2K3 server in another Exchange Organisation).

We need to modify the different profiles so that users are connected
to a new E2K3 server in a new Exchange Organisation but keeping any
local data (PST, PAB) which the users may have created in (2) and (3)

What's the best way to do that? Could a single PRF file be used to
overwrite the existing profile without losing any data?


- Alan.


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