how to manually copy text from one cell to end of other text cell



probably stupid question, but anyways...

I want to manually copy the content of 1 text cell to the end of another
text cell, on the same sheet.
For that, I copy the content of the source cell (ctrl-C), I move the cursor
to the target cell and I hit "F2" to position the cursor at the end of the
text of the target cell.
But as soon as I hit "F2" the text of the source cell is "unselected" and
hence cannot copy the source text...

help much appreciated!




do this when you select the cell to copy don't press Ctrl C, you will see
the text in the formula bar so highlight the text there and then press Ctrl
C, now select the other cell, F2, CTRL V

if this helps please click yes thanks


1st method:-
After doing copy on first cell and moved to the last cell just give Cntrl+V
don’t give F2 in last cell.

2nd Method:-
On fist cell give F2 and press Shift+Home and press Cntrl+C. Now move on to
last cell and press F2 and give Cntrl+V

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Gord Dibben

Copy from the formula bar of source cell then select destination cell.

In formula bar select insertion point and Ctrl + V.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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