How to Make Public Folders more accessible in Outlook


Walt Bell


With Outlook 2003 in an Exchange 2003 environment what are my options
for making Public Folder based contact lists and calendars more
directly accessible/visible when in Outlook. Currently to see any
Public Folder based resources I select the "Folder List" view and
then can see public folders way down at the bottom of that tree.
The set of folders in the mail box is very long and deep it takes a while
to scroll down to the bottom so I can see the Public Folders.
I have a Calendar and Contact list in Public Folders that needs to be
accessed frequently during the day.

In another post I made on this issue it was suggested that I add the desired
public folders
to the public folder Favorites. In looking at that option I believe that
want something more accessible than that location. To get to
Public Folder Favorites I still need to use the Navigation Pane, select the
Folder List view and then scroll down through a few screens worth of
information in my mailbox before I can see the Public Folders area.

Here are a few ideas I had that would facilitate the use of the objects in
Public Folders but I do not know how to make any of these happen:

- Is there a way to add injects from Public Folders to my Favorite Folders
area when I am in the Mail view.
- Add a Public Folder based contact list to the list of contacts I see when
I use the Navigation Pane to select the Contact view.
- Add a Public Folder based calendar to the list of Other Calendars when I
use the Navigation Pane to select the Calendar view.
- Put Public Folders to the top of the Folder List above the mailbox when I
use the Navigation Pane to select the Folder List view.

Any thoughts?


Walt Bell



Peter Durkee

When you add a Contacts or Calendar Public folder to your favorites, it also
adds them to the Other Contacts and Other Calendars lists in the Contacts
and Calendars views in Outlook. You can also go into the properties of
Contacts folders in favorites and set them to be used as Outlook Address
Books. Finally, Public Folder Calendars and Contact folders can be added to
the shortcut bar.


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