how to "loose" draft font in tasks



I would like to change the format of my tasks to NOT come up in draft
view> draft, font is always checked even if I save the task with it
unchecked.....this would allow me to change the colors, text, etc. of the
multiple tasks within a single there a way to lock out the
draft font setting?


Hi Diane -

Thanks for responding. I'm using XP.........

To be more descriptive/specific, in an individual task, [the separate window
which opens & saves with a new task], I use them for daily lists and would
like to use different colors for some line items as I use them throughout the
day, week whatever.

I can change colors & font of text while editing the individual task but
they reopen in draft font, which appears in the overall Outlook formatted
font, allowing for bold, but all black. I cannot seem to find a way to save
them in any form beyond this format. Is there a setting I'm missing, can this
be done?

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