How to install OLE Sever



hope u are all doing well. i work with Ms Excel and Access at the same time
i export data from Access to Excel from Ms Access Tools menu " Office link"
it was working but since last day it isn't working and when i try to export
data from Ms Access to Excel it give me the following message :

Microsoft Access Can't Star the OLE Sever.

you tried to use a form , Report , or datasheet that contain an OLE object,
but the OLE Server(The Application used to create the object ) may not be
registered properly. Reinstall the OLE Server to Register it Correctly.

"But dear friends i dont know how to install the OLE sever etc. plz help me
step by step by , must be appreciated. thanks in advance"


I get the same error, except when i disable the Anti-virus... but this isn't
the best solution.......
Jul 31, 2010
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I'm just trying to insert a thumbnail photo into an ole field in msaccess, and I get an "Ole server installation" error message. Something I've never seen before, so I have no concept of what their talking about. So, as a computer person, talk to me as if I were a rank neophyte to computers.

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