How to insert a row without losing data in INDEX formulas



I have some formulas (that I received help for here awhile back) that
basically take a set of numbers in multiple columns and rows, and
converts them all into one column with no blanks. The formulas work
fine, but the problem is they start in row 1 and I would like them to
start in Row 2. If I insert a row, I lose data (the first number in
the series does not show up anywhere). I can't figure out how to
adjust the formulas to start at row 2 but include all of the data.
Any suggestions?


The formula that puts all the numbers into one column is:


and then copied down the column. It starts in cell A1, but I would
like it to start in cell A2 without losing any data.



T. Valko

I would like it to start in cell A2

Try it like this:


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