How to improve your router signal

Nov 11, 2007
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Not only can you build a dish for your router antenna to improve signal quality, but you can also routinely download the newest firmware for your router, so as to keep up with todays standards! Also, you can download 3rd party firmware, such as and a couple others that offer it. But be careful, because you really have to know what you are doing to download 3rd party firmware, because if you don't download it correctly, you could turn your router into a brick! But, from what I understand, 3rd party firmware increases the signal quality, to a higher standard then what the usual firmaware does. Standard firmware has a certain limit of what routers can produce signal wise, but 3rd party firmware increases the signal strength a lot higher then what the standard firmware does. Just go to the site that I mentioned earleir and it will explain in a lot more detail then what I mentioned.


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