How to identify macro assigned to toolbar button


Patricia D

How can I identify what macro is currently assigned to each button on a
custom toolbar?

I am trying to troubleshoot a workbook writtten by someone else. 'Sub'
names do not match button text; many buttons, many macros.

Using Customize, I can see how to modify assigned macro, but don't see how
to check what currently assigned macro is.




AFAIK there is not a way to backtrack from the button to the macro. Best
thing to do is to observe what the button does and review the list of macros
to try to determine the match.

Patricia D

OK thanks anyway. In the end, I just put a 'pause' to trap macro execution
in all the likely subroutines, and then pressed the button and waited to see
where it landed.



Gord Dibben

When in customize mode right-click on the button and "assign macro"

You should get the macro dialog with the assigned macroname in the refedit

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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