Assigning Macros in Excel 2007



I'm a new user to Excel 2007. I've imported templates from Excel 2000/2003.
These use personalised toolbars incorporating created buttons and assigned

In Excel 2007, I see that the toolbar is shown in the Add-in tab. Standard
buttons e.g print preview etc work OK but the specialized ones are looking
for the macros. How do I assign macros to th buttons in the Add-in tab




If these buttons are either shapes (as a text box) or a button from the Forms
toolbox, then you should be able to right-click it and choose [Assign Macro]
just as you did in earlier versions of Excel. However, if the macros are
defined as "Private" they won't show up in the list of macros available for
assignment and easiest thing to do is probably to go into the VB Editor
([Alt]+[F11]) and find them and remove the word "Private " from their Private
Sub MacroName() line, assign the macros and go beck into the VBE and put
Private back onto the macro names to keep them hidden from the list of macros
available for direct use.

Hope this helps. If they're buttons from the ActiveX Controls Toolbox,
things are a little different.

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