How to Handle Print Layout in Line Drawing


Chad Harris

Thanks Suzanne Barnhill for the previous information. You are great about
helping. I also noticed I can extend my vertical line as needed if I hold
down Control and that there is a shift hold down that can be done also.

In order to do this, I followed instructions to choose View>Print Layout.
In Web layout my page number appears to be on the next page, but if I go
back to the "normal view" the page number is OK back where it should be.

However in normal view my line is gone, yet it appears in Print Preview the
exact way I want it. I printed it out and the line is there just the way I
want it and just the way Print Preview previewed.
Can Suzanne if convenient, or anyone else sort out this confusion.

If my instructions were to go to Print Layout, why and should I go back to
normal after even though my line appears to be gone but is not?

Finally in the instructions to draw a line, you are told to click
Autoshapes>LIne, and this automatically puts you into Print Layout. Why?


Chad Harris



Suzanne S. Barnhill

AutoShapes (such as lines) are in the drawing layer. Normal view doesn't
display anything in the drawing layer, which is why Word switches you to
Print Layout view whenever you click on a drawing tool.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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