How to Filter on Multiple Fields



I have a database that contains several fields that are checkboxes (i.e.,
Yes/No data types). Using Create > Query Design, I know how to easily create
a query which returns all the records where all the fields are checked (by
specifying Criteria =â€Yesâ€) , which is an AND situation. However, I want to
return all the records where any of the checkboxes are checked, that is, an
OR situation. How do I do that?

Thanks in advance.


You can just type that into the Criteria row under any one of the yes/no

[Field1]=TRUE OR [Field2]=True OR [Field3]=True



How do you use two OR fields and one AND field?

For example, I want to include everyone in my contacts database who receives
XMas Gifts OR Flowers, AND contains "Is Null" in Affiliation. I would like
to narrow down to those who do receive XMas Gifts OR Flowers and then from
those remove any that already have Affiliations.

Is there any significance to the order of the columns?

Duane Hookom

You would create two lines in the criteria and enter Is Null on both lines
and XMas Gifts on one of the lines and Flowers on the other line.

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