How to enable "Subnet Directed Broadcasts" in RRAS?


Johan Christensson


I connect two LAN's over the internet using two Windows 2003 VPN servers,
and the connection works fine. But now I would like to enable something
that's called "Subnet Directed Broadcasts" to be abel to send WOL Magic
Packages between the two networks.

How do I do this?

/Johan Ch



Dusty Harper {MS}

You are looking for a Relay Agent. This would listen for the specified
packet on one interface and then you could have it broadcast out to the
other subnet.

packet X / broadcast X
----------------->[ Router ]------------------------- >
\ broadcast X

where the router listens for packet X which could be received as either a
broadcast or unicast, and then rebroadcasts it out its other interface on
the Local LAN segment.

Unfortunately Windows RRAS only supports this for DHCP Packets ( The DHCP
Relay Agent ).

I know Cisco supports this scenario though.

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