How to do recovery disc



When I bought my first comp it was XP and prompted me to make recovery disc's
the first time I started the thing, But I just bought a new comp with Vista
and it didn't propt me to do this when I started it the first time. So the
question I have is, How do I make a recovery disc for my Vista comp? Thank's
for any help!!




Hi Bill,

Firstly, check all your packaging. There may already be a set of recovery
disks provided that you have overlooked. If not, then check your computer's
manual. It should have instructions on how to create recovery media. If not,
scan the 'All Programs' list. There should be an entry 'Create
Restore/Recovery Disk(s)' or similar. Follow the instructions provided by the
program. Finally, some machines do not offer the ability to create recovery
media - instead this data is held on a hidden non-destructible partition that
is accessed at startup via a particular key combination (refer to the manual
for details on accessing this).


Thank's Dwarf! If all else fail's read the instruction's! LOL. After I posted
the question I started rumaging around the box and found the instruction
manuall and No.1 instruction was "Make recovery disc" LOL I'm such a BOOB!
Thank's very much though!


I bought Toshiba satellite. It didn't provide any Instructions r key to
create recovery disk. They provided recovery disk, but it is not working.I
called Customer service, rep ordered disk for me but it is back ordered it
seems...any suggestions??



Mick Murphy

You don't give enough details about what you are doing!

If you are trying to reinstall vista from DVD, set your BIOS to boot from
the CD/DVD drive, have the vista DVD in it; reboot, and follow instructions.

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