how to determine which outbound ports are blocked?

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I am trying to remote (VNC) into my home computer from work.

I used a web site to test for open ports and confirmed that my I
configured my router to correctly allow inbound connections to my VNC
port (restricted to my work IP range).

However I can't access the computer from work. I suspect that my job
is blocking outbound connections other than port 80 (and maybe a few
other ones).

I'd rather not have my web-based VNC app running on port 80, so I'd
like to test what other outbound ports are opened at work. Is there
any free web site that has something like an outbound port-testing java
app to see what other ports might be available to me?


Sooner Al [MVP]

I think you really need to work with the office network administrators on
this. If you have a legitimate reason to access your home PC from work I am
sure they will provide you with the required access. Otherwise its a bad
decision to circumvent company policies that preclude you from connecting a
trusted network (the office) to an untrusted network (your home PC). Don't
jeopardize your job...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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