How to determine the value?



There are a list of value under column A & B
236 [A1] 1 [B1]
242 [A2] 5 [B2]
236 [A3] 1 [B3]
236 [A4] 5 [B3]

I would like to sort the list into column C & D based the the maximum value
of B column, and
236 [C1] 5 [D1]
242 [C2] 5 [D2]
236 [C3] 1 [D3]
236 [C4] 1 [D3]

Firstly, sorting the B column in descending order and then sorting the A
column based on B column order ascending order. I prefer to use Excel coding
rather than Filter function.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank for any suggestions?


One play ..

Presuming you mean to autosort cols A and B by col B, descending
and that col B will house only numbers

In C1:

In D1:
Copy D1 to E1. Select C1:E1, copy down to cover the max expected extent of
source data. Hide away col C. Cols D and E will return the required results.

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