How to determine the occurrence between periods?



Does anyone have any suggestions on how to determine the value?

Under column A, there is a list of date sorted by descending order.
Under column B, there is a list of numbers
In cell C1, there is a starting date, and in cell D1, there is a ending
date, and
in cell E1, there is a number.
I would like to determine the number of occurrence based on the value in
cell E1 matching any value under column B between starting date [C1] and
ending date [D1]. For example

There are some data for column A & B

30-Aug-2007 8
29-Aug-2007 7
28-Aug-2007 6
27-Aug-2007 3
26-Aug-2007 5
25-Aug-2007 8
24-Aug-2007 1
23-Aug-2007 9
22-Aug-2007 8
21-Aug-2007 6
20-Aug-2007 3
19-Aug-2007 7
18-Aug-2007 5

The value in cell E1 is 6
The number of occurrence for 6 between 21-Aug-2007 and 28-Aug-2007 is 2,
because there are 2 occurrence of number 6 between this period.
2 will return in cell F1.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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