How to delete imap folders already removed from the server



I have created and delete mail folders on my imap mail server using
other client. I am now trying to setup Outlook 2002 and it pick up all
those already removed mail folders as subscribed folders. I cannot get
them off the list. I've tried to use the unsubscribe option but
everytime Outlook crashed when I apply. Is there any way that I can
clear off those already removed folders easily? Is there any third
party utility that can help?


Kenn Mor

In my long lost dim memory, I'm aware of a registry key that remembers this
MRU-type list for IMAP folders.
Try adding an unusually named folder (like 010xoy) and synching it to your
IMAP list.
Backup your registry, then search for that file name.
You may then, if memory serves, remove the key, and re-synch with the IMAP
server to get list of exitsting folders back.

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