How to debug a vbscript/ show each line BEFORE execution and with var values?


Tony Bansten

Is there an easy way to debug a vbscript in such a way that each line of the vbscript
is shown step-by-step just before the actual execution with the resolved variable values?

In the former DOS batch scripts there was a command like

echo on

which does exactly this.

Is there a similar debug-enabling command in VBscript?

I don't want to install a full IDE for tracing and debugging.
Just output at the command line would be sufficient.


Cor Ligthert


VB for dotnet and VB script in generally share the same language code (It
are two different dialects).

However, by instance the possibilities to debug are much different, so what
is your question is it about vbscript or about VB Net?

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