How to create an email template that generates a text email



i would like to create an email template which:
1. Allows users to type free text into a Summary (Summary* ! 8!:)
and Description (Description* !240000007!:) field
2. When the user sends the email the message is fomated in a specific text
format that the TO address will receive: i.e.
# Email to Remedy
Schema: HPD:HelpDesk
Login: demo
Password: demo
Action: Submit
Format: Short
Source* !260000128!: Email
Group+ !240000006!: Group Name
Requestor Login !240000005!: demo
Name*+ !240000001!: demo
Region !200000012!: demo
Site !200000007!: demo
Submitted by !260100001!: demo
Urgency !240000009!: Low
Summary* ! 8!: "text from the email form"
CaseType* !260000130!: Incident
Description* !240000007!: "text from the email form"
Status* ! 7!: New
Category* !200000003!: Demo
Type* !200000004!: Demo Type
Item* !200000005!: Error
Priority* !260000126!: Low

Sue Mosher [MVP]

Do you mean that you want to use a published custom form as a data-entry
form and have it generate a plain text message using the standard message
form? If so, take a look at the code sample at, which demonstrates how to
create one message from the information on another, transferring all
recipients and attachments. For your scenario, you would extend it by
building the string for the Item.Body property from the data in custom
fields. See for a primer on
the syntax for working with Outlook properties.

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