How to create a table from a find duplicates query



It's been a while since I have worked in Access. But I have run a find
duplicates query and I have totally blanked on how to create a table from
those query results.

If there is another way to do this than I am open to that as well. What we
are trying to do is create a mailing list of one record per household and we
have several individuals in this table with the same address. So I created a
find duplicates query to pull one per address 1.

After that has run I am not sure how to save my query results as a table to
then send to the mail house.

Thanks for your help

Michel Walsh

You should use a DISTINCT or GROUP BY query. DISTINCT will work in this case
only if all the required fields define the unique address. Otherwise, use
GROUP BY, as in:

SELECT address, FIRST(firstName), FIRST(lastName)
FROM table
GROUP BY address

which will pump one record per address, as example, one of the three record,

address firstName lastName
1010 a street Joe Blow
1010 a street Mary Blow
1010 a street Julia Brown

but consider that it could be 'any' one of the three that would be picked

Use the query, not a table, as 'source' for your letters. Doing so, no need
to create other tables.

Hoping it may help,
Vanderghast, Access MVP

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