How To Create A Collection Class with VB.NET



how will i do in in vb6 i have no problem. i have rewritten
in but i got white blank form. i am doing irc chat project
similar mirc chat.

in vb6 class module (not module module)

Public varNewChannel as Collection

Public Property Get NewChannel () as Collection
Set NewChannel = varNewChannel
End Property

Public Property Let NewChannel(byval var as Object)
varNewChannel = var
End Propewrty

Public Sub fChannel(byval sText as string)
Dim m_Chan as New frmChannel
m_Chan.Text= sText
varNewChannel.Item.Add m_Chan,sText
m_Chan.Tag = sText
End Sub

Public Class_Intialize()
Set Me.NewChannel = New Collection =====> that is the only problem
like public sub New() in
End Sub

in, do i have to put" import System.Collection"?


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