How to create a 3 em dash



I understand how to auto format an em dash, but need to create a 3 em dash
(six hyphens as a solid line) which is required for formal bibliography
entires for more than one book by the same author. The 3 em dash is used in
place of the name after the first entry. How can I get Microsoft Office
Professional Edition, Word 2003 to produce a 3 em dash?

Jay Freedman

Type three em dashes together in a document by pressing Ctrl+Alt+NumPadMinus
(which is the default shortcut for an em dash). Conveniently, they'll appear
as a single line without having to fiddle with character spacing. Select the
three characters, go to Tools > AutoCorrect Options, and assign a name to
the combination, such as "3m". Click OK.

When you need a three-em dash, type the name followed by a space or
punctuation, and the replacement will happen automatically.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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